This is a sample of my work over the last three years. Most of this was done in my spare time while getting my Computer Engineering degree and in the months since I graduated. All of my code (HTML and otherwise) is written by hand using TextWrangler; the only exception is the FSU Reading Endorsement website, where I was required to use Visual Studio .NET. Feel free to view the source of these websites to see how I do things.

Note: This is updated as I finished projects. Check back to see the latest entries.

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Liminality View Site | Show Detail

This is a photoblog I built for a friend using a customized version of Birch. It has all of the features of a stock Birch install (see the Birch page for specifics) with the addition of a commenting system and a new design & layout.

Take your time and look around, these photographs are really stunning. I like the shots of the birdman in Paris.

Downdream View Site | Show Detail

This is another photoblog I built for a friend, also using a customized version of Birch. The differences between this site and Liminality show how easy it is to radically change the layout and design just by using CSS (and minor code alterations). They both started from the same source code and diverged into completely different sites.

As with Liminality, these photos are also amazing. My favorites are the ones of the White House surrounded in barbed wire.

PHP & MySQL Weblog No Link | Show Detail

This is weblog I built to run my personal site, and has been a long-term project of mine since March 2003. It began as a CMS written in Perl, using flat text-files to store the posts. Over the last two and a half years it has grown much more complex, culminating in a complete, ground up rewrite using PHP and MySQL in October 2004. This weblog software is unnamed at the present, and since it is far too complex to be released to the public (unlike Birch), it is likely to stay that way.

AT Computer Database Password Protected | Show Detail

This is the web application I created with my partner, Andrew Ferguson, for my senior project at UF. It is a system for cataloging all of the computers in the computer labs on campus, and tracking their complete repair history. The frontend was built using XHTML and a lot of Javascript, while the backend was created using PHP connected to a MySQL database. The interface was the marquee feature; the use of Javascript allowed a very flexible interface that could change without a page reload.

The page is now password protected, actually being in use at UF, but I have a Powerpoint presentation of screenshots to give you some idea of what it looked like and how the interface functioned.

FSU Reading Endorsement Program Password Protected | Show Detail

I made this site for the FSU College of Education in the Spring of 2005. It is a complete class website written using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, C# and MS SQL database. The student would use this page to register for the class, to login, to view the weeks lesson and to take quizzes and fill out class evaluations. The site wasn't pretty, but for this job, it didn't have to be. When registration was opened in March, the demand was much higher than we had anticipated, and we had to deal with huge loads on our pages and servers.

The page is also password protected, since it is currently being used at FSU. Screenshots wouldn't really show much for this site, but I have code examples if you would like to see them.

View View Site | Show Detail

This is really a meta-entry, since you are at the View website already. The About page will give you a better idea what this site is about. Also be sure to check out Birch.

Since I try to make by code as re-usable as possible, this site uses a lot of the same code as RossHarmes.net.

Other Projects

These are sites whose construction I've contributed to but were not solely responsible for. For most of these I wasn't responsible for the design or layout, just some of the HTML or programming. I include them here more to show the breadth of my experience than to show specific examples of my work.