Who am I?

I am Ross Harmes, a web developer from Tallahassee, Florida currently working in Columbia, Maryland. I sometimes perform freelance work in the areas of website design and web programming.

What is this site?

This site serves several purposes:

  • My professional web presence, including my resume and portfolio.
  • My software repository. I write open source software in my spare time, such as Birch, and use this site to offer it for download.
  • My sandbox, where I can try out new techniques and technologies.

Please feel free to wander around, check out my code, etc. The links to the right will tell you more about me.

Hosted by Dreamhost

Dreamhost is by far the best hosting company I have ever used. At the moment, I get 2.4 GB disk space and 120 GB transfer for $10 a month. That is ridiculous. (Full disclosure: They also have an amazing referral program, so if you sign up, I get credit.) Check them out, you won't regret it.

A Note on Browser Compatibilty

This site has been tested with most major browsers and works great with Safari and Firefox/Mozilla. Thanks to a few CSS hacks, it also looks fine in Internet Explorer, although it is missing some of the features and visual details. My advice: get a real browser.